Actual performance data for your choice of components


Theoretical calculations are useful for obtaining an estimate of performance prior to committing to components. In practice, manufacturing variations and real-life conditions will impact on those estimates. At Skyborne we have gone through that same process multiple times and designed our in-house data acquisition system to obtain real performance data not available anywhere else.

Our system is flexible and can accommodate propellers up to SIZE and measure up to 12kg of thrust. Complimentary propeller balancing is offered with every order. Data is averaged across 3 tests to ensure no outliers are present and the results processed before delivery. 


Reaction Torque



Motor Impulse Data

Impulse testing measures the time taken for a signal sent to the motor to result in stabilised measured thrust. This data is crucial to the response time for a UAV to react to unexpected flight conditions, such as turbulence.


Wind Tunnel Integration

Our data acquisition system can be mounted inside a wind tunnel for flight test data. We partner with The University of Queensland to use their low-speed wind tunnels.

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