The name "Cerberus" originates from Greek mythology, and describes a three-headed hell-hound with the tail of a serpent and the claws of a lion that guarded the entrance to the underworld.

The Cerberus has unmatched hover capability because it can tilt its body up and down at any angle, enabling a camera or larger payload to be pointed with ease without requiring a sophisticated gimbal. The Cerberus can also change heading faster than any multi-rotor.

Cerberus Features:

  • Current flying prototype
  • Can tilt at any angle (+/- 75 deg.), removing the need for a camera gimbal
  • Changes heading faster than any other multi-rotor
  • Advanced circling guidance
    • Allows a target to be circled
  • 2000 lumens headlights
  • Fixed HD camera
  • 20 mintues hover endurance


Cerberus Applications:

  • Agriculture
  • Complex Asset Inspections
  • Search and Rescue
  • Construction and Mining
  • Defence - tactical 


 Cerberus V2 Prototype

Cerberus V2 Prototype