According to Greek mythology, the Cerberus had several siblings - one of which was the Chimera. Depicted as a lion with the head of a goat arising from its back and a tail that ended with a snake's head, the Chimera was a monstrous fire-breathing creature.

 The Chimera UAV is the next step in the evolution of hybrid autonomous UAVs - this drone will feature unrivaled speed, endurance, and range in an aircraft of its size. The Chimera takes Cerberus base UAV platform and adds an aerodynamics shell and a high speed forward flight mode that allows four times the endurance of a standard quadcopter. Chimera is thus able to transition between hover and efficient forward flight with ease, opening up a range of mission capabilities.

Chimera Features:

  • Retains hover maneuverability of Cerberus
  • Reatins same features as Cerberus
  • Aeroshell adds endurance and range
  • Increased Range and Speed, opens up a range of additional mission capabilities. E.g long distance travel for infrastructure inspections

Chimera Applications:

  • Long range complex operations:
    • Agriculture
    • Asset Inspections
    • Search and Rescue
    • Construction and Mining
    • Defence - tactical
    • Delivery Services
 Chimera Computer Modelling

Chimera Computer Modelling