Scorpion on a plane

In celebration of Engineering Week, Qantas wanted to showcase innovation and their proud legacy of engineering excellence. Skyborne Technologies 'Scorpion', a 360 Virtual Reality Rover, was fortunate enough to be a part of this showcase week. 

The market need of the 'Scorpion' Rover is starting to diversify, with the recent discussion on how the innovative 'Scorpion' can play a role in the airline industry. Tours of airport lounges, aircraft cabins and even maintenance facilities have been discussed several times.  With the growing popularity of 360 degree videos, large organizations could gain a marketing advantage by allowing their customers a more immersive view of their product.  

Furthermore, discussions about the application of VR in the training space were also addressed.  With Qantas recently announcing the introduction of the Boeing 787 there is a potential to utilise the 'Scorpion'.  With the addition of the cabin and ground crews, as well as engineers could benefit by undertaking ‘virtual aircraft familiarization’ prior to its arrival in 2017/2018. 

Just as pilots will be trained in simulators to familiarize themselves with the aircraft, airline staff can benefit from similar training utilised by the 'Scorpion’s' capabilities. 

Rachel Dudok, Qantas Aircraft Maintenance Egineer (Avionics) and motivational speaker, took the 'Scorpion' down to Sydney on behalf of Skyborne Technologies and showcased it to the Head of Engineering and Marketing Managers.  Addressing the innovative application of the 'Scorpion' and VR within Qantas. Qantas have been a big supporter of innovation within their business, to create value for their customers and employees aka 'The Qantas experience'. 

Skyborne are currently discussing the potential to do a Scorpion tour of the newly refurbished Qantas International lounge in Brisbane, and also featured in the monthly Qantas Engineering magazine, TechTalk. Have a read of the featured article from the Qantas QTech Talk edition October 2016. I'd like to personally thank Qantas Engineering and my wife, Rachel Dudok, for showcasing Skyborne Technologies 'Scorpion' Rover designed by Australian aerospace engineers. 


Skyborne technologies 'scorpion' vr rover product featured in qantas qtechtalk october 2016

Skyborne technologies 'scorpion' vr rover product featured in qantas qtechtalk october 2016