Skyborne Welcomes former Metalstorm Armourer Mark Davison to the Company


We are delighted to have Mark Davison on board as Skyborne's full-time armourer and workshop lead (photo: far right).

Mark is the former armourer for Metalstorm, which included; design, modification, R & D, assembly and testing of prototype systems. R & D, assembly/loading, testing & documentation of experimental ammunition.

He started his career in the Marine Engineering Dept of the Royal Australian Navy, completing his Fitting & Machining Trade through Sydney Tech. as well as certificates in Diesel generators, distilling plants, refrigeration, pneumatic & hydraulic systems.

Subsequently, he worked in an Armourer/Gunsmith capacity for a gun shop, building custom firearms to order, as well as modifying existing weapons  for greater reliability & accuracy, for competition use. Mark was also a consistent member of the Qld I.P.S.C State Team, during this time.

We feel privileged to be continuing the legacy of Brisbane defence innovation.