Introducing the Cerberus GL

I am very pleased to announce the Cerberus GL prototype. At under six kilograms, the Cerberus GL is capable of performing aerial fire support missions at the squad and platoon level. Soon to be armed with a multishot electronically-fired grenade launcher, Cerberus will be able to get our soldiers out of tight spots under fire and perform numerous other roles on the battlefield with the lightest possible multiple-shot UAS platform.  

UAVs have become a mixed blessing. With organisations such as ISIS strapping grenades to commercial drones and terrorising allied soldiers and civilians alike, new challenges have presented themselves to our armed forces. The motivation behind the Cerberus GL is to address these challenges. We intend not only to exceed the capabilities of these 'terror drones' with a cost-effective platform, but to provide broader multi-role flexibility in rapid IED/mine clearing, counter-UAS operations and counter-terrorism. 

It has been an amazing year under Advance Queensland's Ignite program. We are incredibly grateful to the Queensland Government (special note to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, Minister for Science Leanne Enoch and our local MP Joan Pease) for providing this opportunity to our young company. The grant program has funded two (near-identical) UAV prototypes plus spares, enabled us to put a full-time mechanical engineer on and paid for numerous business development trips around Australia, (and soon) overseas. We are under no illusions that raising capital for a hotly contested defence product is an easy undertaking and without grant programs like Ignite and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, companies like ours face an even greater struggle. 

For more information, please see our Cerberus GL page.     

More to come...

Dr Michael Creagh (CEO)