Cerberus RC Tilt-Rotor

'See the world through a pilot's EYES'

Sick of flying boring quadcopters?

want some fun night flying?

do you want to test your piloting skills to the limits?


Skyborne Technologies has created a new breed of drones. "Cerberus RC" is a three-headed hell-hound that combines tilt technology with advanced software modes. Cerberus RC boasts significant enhancements in agility, adaptability and athleticism over standard quad-copters and fixed-wing drones currently found on the market.


"Cerberus RC" has been formulated for enthusiasts that want a 'pilot's eye' flying experience, with the ability to perform aerobatic stunts.  

Key Features

-  Tilt function allows pitching up and down whilst stationary +/- 65 degrees

- FPV (First Person View) visual flight, giving the user a real piloting experience

- Changes heading faster than any other drone on the market

- Headlights - 2000 lumens for night operation

- Smaller battery for weight reduction and enhanced user experience 

- Three selective levels of stability-augmentation:

  • GPS mode will provide ease of use for safe and general flight. Holds its position when no pilot's input 
  • Attitude mode will hold altitude and not allow pitch / roll past +/- 45 degrees, but will not hold position without pilot's input
  • Sport mode will be attitude hold when sticks are centralised, but otherwise operate in rate control mode. Aerobatics and stunts can be performed by the pilot, meaning flips and rolls are possible. 

Note: Each mode retains the ability to go into tilt mode and the user can tilt the airframe up and down in space.



Technical Specifications

Mass: 1.600 kg

Total Thrust: 5kg

Battery: 4 Cell LiPo (14.8 V), 3300 mAh

Sensors: GPS, 3-axis Gyroscope, 3-axis Accelerometer, 3-axis Magnetometer, Barometer

Navigation: Extended Kalman filter

Headlights: LED 2000 Lumens

Endurance: 10 minutes

Control Modes: Attitude, Tilt, GPS Position Hold

Controller: 9 Channel transmitter

Camera: FPV camera with FPV Googles

Main rotors: 10 inch x 5.5 pitch, 2 blade

Rear rotor: 6 inch x 4 pitch, 3 blade

Body: Carbon fibre, aluminium, ABS plastic