Skyborne Technologies acknowledges that defence industries are fundamentally moral in nature and necessitate moral integrity and competence. Skyborne Technologies is committed to the highest ethical standards.

The main driver behind Skyborne-developed technologies is harm minimisation in the field of modern warfare. Using remotely piloted ordinance allows military personnel to be removed from intimate combat, not only protecting the soldier’s physical and psychological well-being, but also allowing them to make more ethical decisions removed from the influence of stressors encountered during traditional combat.

Skyborne is developing technology that collates critical information from the battlefield and presents it to the operator, allowing for legal and ethical decision making that conforms to the laws of armed conflict.

Skyborne Technologies’ high precision remotely piloted ordinance help bridge the gap between low precision, low risk, remote engagement (such as mortar and artillery fire) and high precision, high risk, intimate combat. This allows unintended casualties & damage to infrastructure to be minimised while increasing the safety of allied military personnel.

To develop and promote its ethics Skyborne encourages and initiates open discussion with employees, stakeholders, the public and government. All of our business relationships are fundamentally based on integrity and trust. Our commitment is to ensure the company’s values are not compromised by poor ethical behaviour.

To ensure Skyborne products are used in an ethical and lawful manner, all stakeholders are not only subject to government restrictions, but also to internal vetting by Skyborne business leaders and informed advisers.

Updated 02 May 2019