Tactical fire support at 6kg

The Cerberus GL is designed to be the first man-portable multiple-round UAV. 

Most tactical-level aerial fire support is ‘fire and forget’ (AeroVironment’s Switchblade, guided mortars etc), expensive and single-use. To the war fighter, damage assessments are crucial in tight situations.

Cerberus GL has the ability to fire three 40mm grenades and perform ISR tasks before, during and after its fire mission, then return to the soldier for re-loading with cost-effective ammunition. All in a package under 6kg and with an endurance of 15 minutes. 

Skyborne's unique tri-tilt rotor airframe has advantages over the competition:


Tilt Mode

Allows payloads to be pointed with the rotating airframe.


Superior Hover Efficiency

Cerberus has greater hover efficiency than a standard multi-rotor, with two larger lift fans and one control fan.

Note: The most efficient hovering vehicle is a helicopter, with one large rotor. The more rotors a vehicle has, the lower the hover efficiency.


Recoil Robustness

Payload placement close to the Centre of Gravity results in significant recoil resistance over a low-slung gimbal. A standard armed multi-copter must hang the payload low so the gimbal can aim the armament through a large range of elevations.

Cerberus aims the entire airframe, allowing the armament to be placed very close to the centre of gravity, reducing the recoil moment arm.



A range of payloads are possible, from grenade launchers, micro-munitions, shotguns, net launchers and cameras.


Use Cases

Deliberate Assault Mission – Shock tactics to force giveaway of enemy positions ahead of the ground assault

Hasty Dismount Mission – Seek and destroy enemy forces whilst under fire, without any prior knowledge of enemy location

Counter-UAS – Use the shotgun payload to eliminate enemy multicopters

Counter-IED / Mine Clearing – Remote detonation with 40mm grenades or shotgun

Counter-terrorism – Fire flash grenades through a window during a combined assault

Law Enforcement – Deploy smoke grenades to allow riot police to escape an unruly crowd under cover, or fire tear gas into a crowd.

We are raising capital to take Cerberus GL to the next phase. Please speak with Michael Creagh (CEO/CTO) or Adrian Dudok (CBO/CFO)