Providing cutting edge aerial marketing in real estate

Aerial Photography & Videography  
3 aerial photos $275
5 aerial photos $350
10+ aerial photos $500
1 Aerial panorama $275
Promotional Video - Includes production, background music, feature highlights and voiceover if desired  
Up to 30 seconds $500
60 seconds $800
Photography +3 aerials
6 interior photos (approx. 1-2 bedrooms) $400
12 interior photos (approx. 3 bedrooms) $450
20 interior photos (approx. 4-5 bedrooms) $500
Distinctive Package $900
Up to 15 photos (aerial, interior or a combination)  
Video [30 seconds] (aerial, interior or a combination)  
Floor Plan  
Deluxe Package $1700 
 Up to 25 photos (aerial, interior or a combination)  
 Video [1 min] (aerial, interior or a combination)  
 Floor Plan  
360º Virtual Reality  
5 x 360º photos $350 
10 x 360º photos  $500
30 second walkthrough video (HD Quality) $550
30 second walkthrough video (4K Quality) $850
Interior Photography  
6 photos (approx. 1-2 bedroom)  $200 
12 photos (approx. 3 bedroom)  $250 
20 photos (approx. 4-6 bedroom)  $300 
Floor Plans - in 2D colour, includes built-in fixtures   
Unit $130
House $180
Residential  $130
Acreage $180 
Twilight shoot $100
Virtual furniture $70 per photo
Travel outside 20km of Brisbane CBD $50 

We believe that properties deserve exciting aerial media as standard, in addition to digital photography. This really leverages the digital platform you have purchased on and drives traffic to the property. The problem is that usually you don’t get all these bells and whistles at a reasonable price.  

Think of us as your one-stop shop for all real estate marketing needs. We are pioneering aerial media as the standard in real estate marketing in addition to digital photography. We pride ourselves on high-quality images and videos that have been proven to increase traffic and engagement on listings. 

We know that property agents are pressed for time. We know that initial inquiries and interest in properties are almost fully dependent on how good the photos are, and we know how difficult it can be to convince your clients to part with even a small amount of cash to pay for marketing, even though the price of it is more than worth the investment. Once the potential clients get to the property, the agents can work their magic. 



It is all enhanced by a great brochure package, however I have found that using the package you offer with internal shots, aerial shots and the floor plan is exactly what the buyers want to see on the internet and on the marketing.

The floor plan and the aerial labelled shots are so good for buyers at a distance. Thank you very much for your help, and by the way you are always on time too!

— Erica Wynne, Harringtons Realty

My team and I have been using Skyborne for all our real estate marketing for over 4 months now and talk about WOW!

They offer amazing value for money and our sellers love the photos, the drone images and the videos!

The entire team is professional and friendly and it's been a pleasure working with them to ensure our sellers get the best digital marketing available.

— Brad Sissons, Coronis Coorparoo


Frequently Asked Questions


+ What is aerial photography?

Simply put, aerial shots are photographs taken from a height, most commonly using helicopters or drones. Aerial shots using drones are more striking and unique because of the angles drones can go to. They are more manoeuvrable and can fly lower than helicopters, which have altitude and noise restrictions. Older methods of taking elevated shots using booms and poles are limited to a single height and a small range of angles, and of course cannot take sweeping cinematic shots of the property.

We choose to use smaller quadcoptors because they are lighter and safer to fly, and the photo quality is beyond excellent. Our photos can be blown up to billboard size if required and our videos are shot in 4K quality.

A lot of drone operators fall into two categories:

  1. Economical (below $100) - these are dirt cheap and are essentially raw footage from the drone. The shots are enough to get you by but they're not amazing.
  2. Cinematic productions ($10,000+) - these are the beautiful, sweeping shots you see in movies and commercials. Using the top of the range everything, these are not cheap but they are absolutely stunning.

If you want your property to have maximum exposure and sell quickly, you shouldn't have to choose between great photos or something within your budget. Skyborne combines the best of both worlds - we take fantastic shots as well as sleek, professional videos and all at an incredible rate so that your budget doesn’t get destroyed.

+ Who is Skyborne and how are you so competitive on prices?

Skyborne Technologies was founded by aerospace engineers in 2015. We have a team of highly intelligent and professional people who listen to your needs and deliver what we promise.

We’ve shot more than 180 properties in the last 12 months, and we’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t. Feel free to take a look at our portfolio. We’ve got a fleet of reliable 4K camera drones that meet all requirements of real estate photography. We are fully CASA certified and have all the required insurances for drones (and all other) operations.

Our business model has very few overheads – our systems are automated where they can be. Most companies take a cost-per-photo approach to pricing and add significant premiums to things like aerial shots. We’ve evolved from the standard cost-per-photo business model. It just doesn’t deliver the best value for the client (or us). By the time we drive to your property and unpack our equipment, the extra effort to get cutting-edge aerial shots is a small percentage of our total effort doing business with you. Because we have a streamlined system of delivering premium marketing material, we are able to work quickly and efficiently to deliver you the best results.

+ How can you guarantee quality?

At Skyborne we’re confident our media is high quality, but for your peace of mind we have a re-shoot policy. If you’re not happy with the content we deliver, we perform a free re-shoot. Simple.

+ We already have photographers that know what we want. What if we want to keep using them as well?

We completely understand if you have existing business relationships with professional photographers. Our mission is to supply our high-tech services throughout the industry so that they become standard marketing tools. We’ll try and find a fit of services and price that still delivers you excellent value for money, but you will probably pay more in the long term.