Skyborne Technologies is creating innovation within the space of UAVs. Our goal is to design and manufacture UAV platform to provide a product available for both consumers (hobbyist) and commercial business. 

Our Research and Development focuses its developments products to overcome several limitations existing within current UAVs.


Currently available multi-rotors and fixed wing commercial drones have severe limitations. Multi-rotors have limited endurance (between 15 and 25 minutes) and require complex gimbals to aim their cameras in the desired direction. Often, two people are needed for aerial operations: a drone operator and a camera operator. 

Such multi-rotors cannot aim their cameras upwards because the body of the drone blocks line of sight. This can be problematic for infrastructure inspections.

Conversely, fixed-wing drones are difficult to manage on takeoff and landing. Whilst they have the range and endurance over multi-rotors, they don’t offer the ability to hover.

Skyborne is developing two hybrid tilt-rotor UAVs to provide additional applications capabilities to the markets needs. The two R&D projects are Cerberus and Chimera


Project Cerberus

Project Chimera