Accurate information to empower decisions

Aerial imagery helps our customers identify, survey, and document development sites and potential plots. From anywhere between ground level to 120m in the air, we can provide not only an overview of the entire site but also track progress and measure whether milestones are being hit. Aerial images can be used for further analysis or to provide internal updates as required.

Our fleet of drones are reliable and capable of 4K video footage and 12MP images that can pinpoint even minute details. For surveying purposes 120m altitude equates to 50mm/px. We are licensed by CASA and are fully insured for your peace of mind.



Our process

A job safety assessment of the flight area is conducted to ensure all legal requirements for flying are satisfied. Providing all necessary approvals are obtained for those areas requiring approval, flight planning will follow. A detailed flight plan accounts for battery limitations, atmospheric conditions, designated areas for finer detail, and availability of suitable take-off and landing areas. Risk management strategies are also covered as part of the flight planning process.


Photogrammetry details

Skyborne is partnered with an experienced surveyor and provide georeferenced ground markers at 20mm and 0.2 degrees heading accuracy on request. For mapping services a 20% overlap on the images allows for stitching, and for photogrammetry services a 60% overlap is recommended. We can provide basic stitching services or provide references to our talented partners for more advanced work, including 3D modelling. After the flights, the aerial imagery is delivered in a lossless format with metadata embedded.

Skyborne can cover between 2.5 to 6 sq. km per drone per day, depending on level of detail required and airspace regulations.

We always take into account the limitations of a site and should you have any requirements, we can adapt to them.