Skyborne Technologies is a small, innovative start-up company that spun-off from the $70 million AUD HiFIRE / SCRAMSPACE hypersonics programs. Skyborne was formed in 2014 and has a combination of PhD and experienced aerospace engineers.

Skyborne Technologies is developing the first small, armed, tactical man-portable Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Skyborne’s Cerberus GL is the next generation small tactical UAV class, providing a multi-role capability with aerial fire support.

The Cerberus project has been ongoing since company founding, with half a dozen prototypes having been built and flown.


The company has been through the ILAB Incubator and raised an angel round in 2015. Since then it has grown from strength to strength, winning an Advance Queensland Ignite award in 2017, which Skyborne leveraged into a USD $2.45m capital raise in May 2019. The Company has also completed an Australian Army Small UAS sub-contract to design the guidance, navigation and control system for a unique aircraft. Skyborne came third in an international drone competition in Abu Dhabi and took out the "Land Force Benefit" award at the Land Forces event in Adelaide, 2018.

The services division of the Company provides high quality aerial imagery and videos covering the artistic to technical spectrum.